Xentrix - Bury the Pain Guitar Tab Book (Digital Download)

  • Xentrix - Bury the Pain Guitar Tab Book (Digital Download)

The Complete Guitar Transcription for Xentrix’s 2019 album Bury the Pain.

- Digital download: 'print-ready' PDF e-book and the Guitar Pro 7 files* for the entire album (guitars only)
- Features foreword by Xentrix guitarist Kristian Havard
- Transcribed from the isolated guitar tracks and reviewed by Kristian Havard
- 154 Pages

*Please note that the Guitar Pro 7 files will not open in any previous versions of the software. Guitar Pro 7 is required to view these files!

*Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery of the download, as all orders are filled manually.

Songs included:
Bury the Pain
There Will Be Consequences
Bleeding Out
The Truth Lies Buried
Let the World Burn
The Red Mist Descends
World of Mouth
Deathless & Divine
The One You Fear
Evil by Design

Tuning: All songs down 1 step (D G C F A D)